trimming your beard

Hardly Wait to Grow a Beard

How-to: This is how you trim your beard

A good beard trimmer to grow the beard
Hairdressing scissors for updating
Beard oil or cream for softness and a smart look

1. Comb out. Make sure that all beard hairs point in the same direction. Also comb the bottom and your possible mustache.

2. Use an attachment that would rather leave your beard a little on the long side, so that you can always trim it a little shorter afterwards. An attachment with a certain length ensures an even trimming.

3. Use a shorter attachment to the ends. This way you get a natural transition that looks ‘well-managed’.

4. Also update the mustache. You do this by combing all hairs to the side in the natural direction of growth and then trimming them with an attachment in the desired length. Then comb the mustache down, over the lip, and remove the hairs that are still hanging over the lip.

5. Use the scissors for details. You can trim long or forgotten hairs manually with the hairdresser’s scissors.

6. Finish with a beard oil or care cream for your beard: these ensure that the skin no longer itches and make your beard hairs nice and soft.

Other tips for trimming your beard

1. Trim your beard when it is dry. Then you can see better what you are doing and what the end result will be.

2. Invest in a good beard trimmer. It lasts a long time and you have a lot of fun with it.

3. Test the length of your attachment. First start with a slightly longer length, so that you play safe.

4. Stretch your neck when you update the bottom. That way you know for sure that you have all the hairs and that not a few stray beard hairs are left behind in a neck fold.

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