Manage Your Finances Well To Prevent Stress

Money is believed to be worth more than a means to an end. No wonder our behavior is difficult to explain because of the value of using money. Many people continue to earn money as if what they have obtained is never enough. So true, that money can be one of the main causes of stress. That is why it is very necessary for the ability to properly manage finances to prevent stress.

Research shows that there is indeed a link between financial health and mental health. As if they complement each other, so that it is not known what the cause is and what the result is. Some experts claim that someone who is often concerned about financial problems can increase stress and risk the emergence of mental health problems. While some other experts claim that mental health problems that interfere with financial management can result in a decrease in self-control and lead to more expenses. Moreover, psychological health can disrupt work performance, which ultimately lowers income and makes it harder to pay the bill routine.

Apart from the debate that does not stop, it is as if we are talking about who is the first between chicken and eggs, self-control and financial management play a separate role in our minds. The work of the brain is not exactly light when we think of paying for daily purchases, home payments, monthly bills and savings. It requires a lot of brain power that is only used to make financial decisions. This kind of decision, big or small, requires determination or willpower. But as muscle endurance, determination can experience fatigue and lose its power when we focus on its work.

A study found that a weak observation has made it less possible for us to control expenditure. People who are weak because they are too often forced to control themselves are therefore likely to spend more money and buy additional items that are not emergency or important, compared to those who do not enforce their determination. The solution is just one, we must be able to arrange determination and self-control to maintain health, both financially and mentally.

We can take the following steps in an effort to build self-control to control income, storage and expenses.

Change your money storage system at the bank from now on

Organize an investment account or savings account that automatically withdraws money from your salary. This way you don’t have to worry and you spend on unnecessary things instead if your salary is within reach. Research shows that an effective way to save more money is to deposit your money into an account for which you have to wait some time or reach a certain number of goals before the money can be withdrawn.

Make priority when troubleshooting

Don’t try to think of different financial problems at the same time. Create a priority scale and first focus on solving one problem. Research shows that determination or willpower can easily be exhausted if we make too many decisions at the same time.

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