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Lower Eyelid Correction – Treatment For People Who Are?

A lower eyelid correction is a treatment for people who are bothered by puffiness, skin and fluid under the eyes. Most people who opt for this treatment do so because the walls provide a (very) tired, old or angry look.

For whom is a lower eyelid correction a suitable treatment?

A surgical lower eyelid correction is a suitable treatment to remove bags and excess skin under the eyes. It is usually not a suitable treatment for dark circles under the eyes.

Rays consist of fat and moisture and excess skin tissue. The fat and fluid are removed during the lower eyelid correction. If necessary, excess skin tissue is also cut away.

eyelid correction

More and more doctors are offering non-surgical treatments in addition to a surgical correction of bags. For example, fillers or body fat (lipo filling) can be sprayed under the eyes. These treatments are especially suitable if there is loss of volume in the area under the ramparts. By compensating for this loss of volume the bags fall away and an operation is not necessary.

The advantage of treatment with fillers is that it can be carried out quickly. It is also often difficult to see that you have just been treated (no scars etc.), and there is no question of a recovery time.

The disadvantage of a roll correction with fillers is that this treatment has to be repeated: the fillers are temporary and are gradually broken down by the body. Often you will have to be treated every year or every 2 years for a lasting effect.

The consultation

Before you undergo a lower eyelid correction, you first have a conversation with the plastic surgeon. During the conversation you can make your wishes known. The surgeon will then examine whether you are eligible for a lower eyelid correction. If you are eligible, the surgeon will assess which method is best for you. The surgeon will then inform you about the procedure and the expected result.

Lower eyelid Correction

A lower eyelid correction, also called a blepharoplasty, can be done under general anesthesia or local anesthesia. It is different per clinic / hospital to which form of anesthesia is preferred. Often you can also choose which anesthetic you want. Keep in mind that a lower eyelid correction under full anesthesia is often more expensive.

The lower eyelid correction is performed when excess skin and fat tissue are the cause of the bags. With this procedure, a cut is made just under the lower lash line. The excess skin tissue is then cut away. Then the wound is sealed again just below the lash line. So you hardly see a scar later on.

Lower eyelid correction with adjusting fat pockets

As you get older, the bags that normally contain the adipose tissue may relax. This can then cause puffiness. If this is the case, a lower eyelid correction can be combined with the removal or shifting of the fat pockets.

Removing the excess fat can be done via a cut on the inside of the lower eyelid. This then does not have to be attached. If excess skin is still present, then also a lower eyelid correction is done.

Sometimes the fat pockets are shifted to the inside of the eye and the nose. This prevents that later the eyes may look somewhat ‘hollow’.

Lower eyelid correction extended with lateral eyelid tightening

The lower eyelid can be so sagged that only a lower eyelid correction is not enough. In that case the lower eyelid correction is combined with the tight pulling of the lower eyelid (canthopexy). The outer eye-ciliary muscle is loosened and then fastened further to the bone. As a result, the lower eyelid is tightened and gets a nicer shape.

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