How Uterine Amenorrhea Appear

Uterine amenorrhea does not develop so rarely. This lady’s neurohormonal system works fine, but there is no menstruation. The reason for this phenomenon is a barrier to leakage of blood from the uterus. Uterine amenorrhoea can be genetic (main) or acquired (secondary) origin.

Types and causes of uterine amenorrhea

Amenorrhea uterus establishes as a normal functioning hormonal system missing menstruation in a female. Uterine amenorrhea, like all other types of amenorrhoea, can be primary or secondary. Primary amenorrhea uterus demonstrated a total lack of menstruation in females from the beginning, that is, if it has actually not developed menstruation. There is a primary amenorrhea uterus under certain birth defects of the uterus, or the external genitals. Sometimes infractions arise from the transfer in early youth infection or simply a serious health problem.

Inappropriate advancement of the internal and external sexual organs (uterus, cervix, vagina) is a barrier to the outflow of menstrual blood. This blockage can be a lack of openings in the hymen, imperforate cervix or vagina, variety of flaws in the structure of the uterus.

Since the hormonal system works typically, the mucous membrane of the uterus (endometrium) is immediately rejected, accompanied by bleeding. However blood does not flow out and is gathered in the uterine cavity, causing pain and pain. In addition, a month of accumulation of blood in the uterus the danger of inflammatory procedures in the uterus and the appendages, so it is very important to spot and treat primary uterine amenorrhea the girl.

Sometimes the cause is an inherent uterine amenorrhea uterine insensitivity to sex steroids. In this regular hormone woman, and the endometrium does not react to hormone stimulation.

Secondary amenorrhea uterine types usually take place after a tough shipment, abortion, and numerous gynecological surgical treatments and in tuberculous endometritis or after suffering from severe bacterial endometritis. Due to various injuries of the mucous membrane in the uterus or tuberculosis lesions in the uterus and cervical adhesions (connective tissue adhesions) and scarring on the partial or complete imperforate uterus arise, causing the outflow of blood.

After abortion uterine amenorrhea can be accompanied by hormonal disorders, which frequently depend upon a temporary nature.


A sign of the uterus amenorrhea can be a monthly abdominal pain. Intensity of the discomfort can be various: unpleasant from standing up to really strong paroxysmal. In some cases there are also traces of “acute abdominal area”, with sign of inflammation in the uterus, which are linked to the peritoneum covering.

The existence in the uterine cavity accumulates blood a breeding ground for the cultivation of different germs and the development of swelling endometritis. Participate endometritis accompanied by a sharp increase in temperature, more discomfort and minimized general condition of the female.

Uterine amenorrhea generally accompanied infertility, since even pregnancy takes place, is then interrupted due to the fact that the embryo can establish in the womb.

Diagnosis and treatment

The medical diagnosis is based upon the X-ray, ultrasound and endoscopy. The lack of hormone conditions study validates blood on hormonal agents.

Treatment of uterine amenorrhea operative. Type of surgical treatment depends on the reason for the infraction of the outflow of menstrual blood. If it is totally imperforate hymen, the operation is perforated (a small opening in the hymen). When adhesions in the uterus or the cervical canal is carried out utilizing a hysteroscope dissection. Sometimes, as after the onset of amenorrhea-induced adhesions, in the cervix, it took not than 6 months to different adhesions using probes. If it has been more than 6 months, this technique becomes inadequate. In tuberculous endometritis Policy Pay TB therapy, but in this case, restore the regular endometrium is extremely tough.

Uterine amenorrhea needs timely detection and treatment – only in this case, you can prevent the majority of the problems and the woman to have children in the future.

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