Your hair is not just there to cover your scalp. It’s an indispensable part of your appearance. That’s why misty bush donsies have such an enormous influence on your self-esteem. Most women rightly feel that hair is very important for their appearance and self-esteem. It makes sense that hair loss is an intense experience. Experts explain that a certain amount of hair falling out – between 50 and 100 hair a day – is normal. Yet one in four women struggles at some point with excessive hair loss. If you struggle yourself with dunes that get thin and fall into bushes, you know the frustration.

What is the root of your hair problem?

Endocrinologist dr. Emilia Liao explains that 90% of hair loss problems are hereditary or the result of tension and can be treated with medication. Hormone changes are also to blame. Women usually notice hair loss after pregnancy and during menopause. Medication and infection are also possible factors. Ronig Vorster of Vigro explains that poor eating habits can cause severe hair loss. Lack of protein can force your hair into a resting phase. More than 30 diseases can further contribute to the problem.

The best advice and products for spicy hairs

Johannesburg hairdresser Alana King believes that you should look more holistic about the problem. If you struggle with little and fine hair additions are very important. The B group of vitamins and especially folic acid feed your hair from the inside. We recommend Hannon’s Anti-Hair Loss Capsules (R180 for 60) or Vital Hair, Skin & Nails (R70 for 30 capsules) .

“Do not wash your thin hair,” warns Tasha de Sousa hair stylist. When you refurbish through moist hair comb, start a wig teeth comb from the middle length to get rid of cakes. Comb out first from the roots.

Fine hairs are especially vulnerable to too much heat. Avoid a curling iron.

Fortunately, several hairstyles that are currently fashionable are flattering for thin hair. Very short, textured poetry styles (like Miley Cyrus’s) are high fashion, says Alana. Solid styles without layers, like a cushion with a crest, are white-hot. It creates the illusion that you have more hair. A style cut in layers can make hair look even thinner.

“Choose a style that requires the minimum styling,” says Tasha. Also avoid ponytail because it places too much stress on the hair. Regularly cut long hair points for a healthier look. Blonde hair may look more thin, so consider a darker color.