Lower Eyelid Correction – Treatment For People Who Are?

A lower eyelid correction is a treatment for people who are bothered by puffiness, skin and fluid under the eyes. Most people who opt for this treatment do so because the walls provide a (very) tired, old or angry look.

For whom is a lower eyelid correction a suitable treatment?

A surgical lower eyelid correction is a suitable treatment to remove bags and excess skin under the eyes. It is usually not a suitable treatment for dark circles under the eyes.

Rays consist of fat and moisture and excess skin tissue. The fat and fluid are removed during the lower eyelid correction. If necessary, excess skin tissue is also cut away.

eyelid correction

More and more doctors are offering non-surgical treatments in addition to a surgical correction of bags. For example, fillers or body fat (lipo filling) can be sprayed under the eyes. These treatments are especially suitable if there is loss of volume in the area under the ramparts. By compensating for this loss of volume the bags fall away and an operation is not necessary.

The advantage of treatment with fillers is that it can be carried out quickly. It is also often difficult to see that you have just been treated (no scars etc.), and there is no question of a recovery time.

The disadvantage of a roll correction with fillers is that this treatment has to be repeated: the fillers are temporary and are gradually broken down by the body. Often you will have to be treated every year or every 2 years for a lasting effect.

The consultation

Before you undergo a lower eyelid correction, you first have a conversation with the plastic surgeon. During the conversation you can make your wishes known. The surgeon will then examine whether you are eligible for a lower eyelid correction. If you are eligible, the surgeon will assess which method is best for you. The surgeon will then inform you about the procedure and the expected result.

Lower eyelid Correction

A lower eyelid correction, also called a blepharoplasty, can be done under general anesthesia or local anesthesia. It is different per clinic / hospital to which form of anesthesia is preferred. Often you can also choose which anesthetic you want. Keep in mind that a lower eyelid correction under full anesthesia is often more expensive.

The lower eyelid correction is performed when excess skin and fat tissue are the cause of the bags. With this procedure, a cut is made just under the lower lash line. The excess skin tissue is then cut away. Then the wound is sealed again just below the lash line. So you hardly see a scar later on.

Lower eyelid correction with adjusting fat pockets

As you get older, the bags that normally contain the adipose tissue may relax. This can then cause puffiness. If this is the case, a lower eyelid correction can be combined with the removal or shifting of the fat pockets.

Removing the excess fat can be done via a cut on the inside of the lower eyelid. This then does not have to be attached. If excess skin is still present, then also a lower eyelid correction is done.

Sometimes the fat pockets are shifted to the inside of the eye and the nose. This prevents that later the eyes may look somewhat ‘hollow’.

Lower eyelid correction extended with lateral eyelid tightening

The lower eyelid can be so sagged that only a lower eyelid correction is not enough. In that case the lower eyelid correction is combined with the tight pulling of the lower eyelid (canthopexy). The outer eye-ciliary muscle is loosened and then fastened further to the bone. As a result, the lower eyelid is tightened and gets a nicer shape.

Thin Hair And Hair Falling Out

Your hair is not just there to cover your scalp. It’s an indispensable part of your appearance. That’s why misty bush donsies have such an enormous influence on your self-esteem. Most women rightly feel that hair is very important for their appearance and self-esteem. It makes sense that hair loss is an intense experience. Experts explain that a certain amount of hair falling out – between 50 and 100 hair a day – is normal. Yet one in four women struggles at some point with excessive hair loss. If you struggle yourself with dunes that get thin and fall into bushes, you know the frustration.

What is the root of your hair problem?

Endocrinologist dr. Emilia Liao explains that 90% of hair loss problems are hereditary or the result of tension and can be treated with medication. Hormone changes are also to blame. Women usually notice hair loss after pregnancy and during menopause. Medication and infection are also possible factors. Ronig Vorster of Vigro explains that poor eating habits can cause severe hair loss. Lack of protein can force your hair into a resting phase. More than 30 diseases can further contribute to the problem.

The best advice and products for spicy hairs

Johannesburg hairdresser Alana King believes that you should look more holistic about the problem. If you struggle with little and fine hair additions are very important. The B group of vitamins and especially folic acid feed your hair from the inside. We recommend Hannon’s Anti-Hair Loss Capsules (R180 for 60) or Vital Hair, Skin & Nails (R70 for 30 capsules) .

“Do not wash your thin hair,” warns Tasha de Sousa hair stylist. When you refurbish through moist hair comb, start a wig teeth comb from the middle length to get rid of cakes. Comb out first from the roots.

Fine hairs are especially vulnerable to too much heat. Avoid a curling iron.

Fortunately, several hairstyles that are currently fashionable are flattering for thin hair. Very short, textured poetry styles (like Miley Cyrus’s) are high fashion, says Alana. Solid styles without layers, like a cushion with a crest, are white-hot. It creates the illusion that you have more hair. A style cut in layers can make hair look even thinner.

“Choose a style that requires the minimum styling,” says Tasha. Also avoid ponytail because it places too much stress on the hair. Regularly cut long hair points for a healthier look. Blonde hair may look more thin, so consider a darker color.

Secrets For A Flat Stomach

Secrets For A Flat Stomach

Have you been dreaming of a flat stomach for years? Start now with a diet and do the right abdominal exercises and steal the summer with your flat stomach!

Most people have highly developed abdominal muscles. But this is not visible, because the muscles are often covered by a layer of fat.

Fat percentage

Only sit-ups can not burn the fat on top of the abdominal muscle. To achieve this, you must do a combination of regular conditional exercise and strength training and a healthy diet.

It may be impossible for some people to reach very low percentages. Accept this and do not try to reach it by going extreme. Also remember that women are genetically predisposed to store more fat around the abdomen. You have to decide for yourself whether ‘a washboard’ is worth going to the limit.

Train your abdominal muscles

An abdominal muscle training usually consists of 1 to 3 sets of 8 to 15 repetitions per exercise.

If you do the exercises correctly, it is only 8-15 repetitions that you need to keep the muscles working, feeling them and achieving results.

The right version

The key is to focus on the right execution. Engage your deep abdominal muscles in the entire movement. This is often described as ‘pull your navel towards your spine’ or ’empty your stomach’.

Drawing the abdominal muscles inwards and upwards will help train more muscle fiber (especially the transverse abdominal muscles), making each repetition more effective.

Vary your program

You have to keep variety in the exercises to challenge the body and achieve results. Try to change exercises at least every 4-6 weeks. This helps prevent boredom and you can more easily do more advanced exercises if you have become stronger.


Rest for 1 to 2 days between abdominal exercises. Your abs need to rest in time to recover and to build up and become stronger. Therefore do not do more than 3 to 4 abdominal exercises per week.

When Is Your Blood Pressure Too High?

If the pressure in heating pipes becomes too high, the boiler gives a message. But the pipe system in our body only gives complaints when it is too late. How do you know if your blood pressure is still healthy? Do you notice


1. What exactly is blood pressure?

blood pressure

Our blood circulation is a kind of artwork. On average, we have about 5 liters of blood that is circulated through the system of blood vessels to the smallest blood vessels. Every time the heart contracts, the blood is

vigorously sprayed through the vessels, like the water through the garden hose. This creates pressure on those vessels: blood pressure.

When the heart squeezes, the blood pressure is highest and the upper pressure is measured. When the heart is at rest, the blood pressure is the lowest and the negative pressure is measured.

2. When is it too high?

If the upper pressure is on average above 140 and the under pressure is above 90 (140/90 mmHg), there is a high blood pressure or hypertension.

sliding scale, healthy blood pressure is 120 over 80. With every point increase, the risk of death and health problems such as stroke and dementia increase. This risk is considerably smaller if you bring and keep the upper

pressure under 140. The elderly guidelines for health care are exempted: they aim for an upper pressure of a maximum of 150, provided that the blood pressure is lowered brought. “

3. What happens to your vessels if the blood pressure is too high?

Ideally, the walls of the arteries are smooth and elastic. For such lean blood vessels, it is no problem to widen if more blood needs to pass through, for example if you ride hard. But blood vessels can stiffen and then they

absorb pressure changes less well. If the vessel walls are less flexible, a blood vessel gives more resistance. It does not stretch itself, so the blood has to pass through a narrower tube. With the result: a higher blood

pressure in the entire body.

4. Do you notice anything?

Nothing. That is precisely the problem. High blood pressure does not cause symptoms in itself, but it is a cause of other health problems.

5. What are the consequences?

The longer the arteries are under high pressure, the less flexible and elastic they become. This increases the resistance in the arteries. This creates a vicious circle: the high blood pressure strengthens itself. Eventually, the

artery wall becomes damaged and, for example, arterial calcification can occur.

The heart muscle also suffers from high blood pressure. The heart constantly has to ‘pump’ against the high pressure and as a result the muscle becomes overloaded.

Blood pressure expert Wilko Spiering: “The most feared complication of high blood pressure is stroke , heart attacks, cardiac arrhythmia and heart failure are common, high blood pressure is by far the most important cause of

death worldwide, and ten million people die every year from diseases that are caused by high blood pressure. . ” In addition to damage to the heart and blood vessels, high blood pressure can also lead to damage to the

kidneys and eyes. Blood vessels can also rupture due to the constantly high pressure.

Tips For Your Daughters Who Are Shaving First Time

Tips For Your Daughters Who Are Shaving First Time

Has the time come that our daughter is all set for her first shave? With the aid of these tips, we can offer our daughter with a smooth and safe first shaving experience.

We are astonished when we see how quick time flies when we have children … It nearly looks like the day of the other day when we first taught her the best ways to brush her hair. And now the new phase has actually currently arrived – the hair elimination. As a mother we are concentrated on the security and happiness of our kids no matter the scenario. Teaching our child to shave as securely as possible is the focus of every mom. Here are 5 pointers that permit our child to discover the best ways to shave as securely and smoothly as possible:

We mosey through the procedure: “I keep in mind how great my child prefers to hear stories about my teenage years – and I make sure your child can value it too!” We attempt to speak about our first shaving experience as freely as possible. so that our daughter can gain from this. Our daughter has more sources of info at this time than we might have had as a teen, but the internet is a less individual guide. We need to be client and shave as gradually as possible.

We provide her a razor for females: would we utilize our guy’s razor? No. Guy typically only shave their faces, while ladies have to shave their legs and lower arms – which is a larger surface area for shaving, with more shapes than guys’s faces. In addition, the leg of a woman includes fewer oil-producing glands than the face of a man, that makes the skin drier. It is for that reason important to give our child an individual razor. Gillette Venus, for instance, has numerous functions that are specifically designed for the lady:

Geared up with five blades, similar to the Venus Embrace and the Venus & Olaz. Each knife is able to remain in contact with the skin, even in hard locations such as the ankles and knees.

The shaving cushions include skin conditioner, which maintains the wetness balance throughout shaving. Similar razors are the Ribbon or Wetness, the Venus Embrace or the Venus & Olaz razor.

Gilette Venus contains a specially developed soft grip for more control, even in slippery situations such as in the bath or in the shower.

Avoid dry shaving: dry, flaky skin triggers an uneven surface area, making places less quickly accessible with a razor blade. Regardless of age, every skin needs hydration. The legs can utilize hydration effectively. Shaving creams/ shaving creams such as Gillette’s Satin Care or Venus Shave Gel maintain the wetness level and enable the razor blade to slide smoothly over the skin

We provide her a good example: various body parts require various shaving methods or shaving instructions. By shaving in the ideal direction, most hairs are shaved with the tiniest movements and wounds and cuts can be prevented. The best method to shave the legs is to start at the ankles and work upwards. When our child is prepared to shave her armpits, she can best keep her arm up as far as possible. The skin at the armpits is then tight sufficient to shave. In both cases, it is best to shave versus the hair direction. The most essential recommendations for our children is that they have to take it gradually, because most of the wounds originate from haste.

Seal the deal: the hair removal procedure does not stop at shaving. Hydration is the last step to keep our skin healthy. This extra layer hydrates and secures the skin, making it look healthy, radiant and above all glossy. All daughters love this last part!

Specifically established for dry skin.

Thanks to these tips, our daughter can start shaving separately and with more self-confidence. For the moms this is also a reassurance, our daughter is now supplied with the very best info to be able to shave efficiently and above all – securely!

How Uterine Amenorrhea Appear

How Uterine Amenorrhea Appear

Uterine amenorrhea does not develop so rarely. This lady’s neurohormonal system works fine, but there is no menstruation. The reason for this phenomenon is a barrier to leakage of blood from the uterus. Uterine amenorrhoea can be genetic (main) or acquired (secondary) origin.

Types and causes of uterine amenorrhea

Amenorrhea uterus establishes as a normal functioning hormonal system missing menstruation in a female. Uterine amenorrhea, like all other types of amenorrhoea, can be primary or secondary. Primary amenorrhea uterus demonstrated a total lack of menstruation in females from the beginning, that is, if it has actually not developed menstruation. There is a primary amenorrhea uterus under certain birth defects of the uterus, or the external genitals. Sometimes infractions arise from the transfer in early youth infection or simply a serious health problem.

Inappropriate advancement of the internal and external sexual organs (uterus, cervix, vagina) is a barrier to the outflow of menstrual blood. This blockage can be a lack of openings in the hymen, imperforate cervix or vagina, variety of flaws in the structure of the uterus.

Since the hormonal system works typically, the mucous membrane of the uterus (endometrium) is immediately rejected, accompanied by bleeding. However blood does not flow out and is gathered in the uterine cavity, causing pain and pain. In addition, a month of accumulation of blood in the uterus the danger of inflammatory procedures in the uterus and the appendages, so it is very important to spot and treat primary uterine amenorrhea the girl.

Sometimes the cause is an inherent uterine amenorrhea uterine insensitivity to sex steroids. In this regular hormone woman, and the endometrium does not react to hormone stimulation.

Secondary amenorrhea uterine types usually take place after a tough shipment, abortion, and numerous gynecological surgical treatments and in tuberculous endometritis or after suffering from severe bacterial endometritis. Due to various injuries of the mucous membrane in the uterus or tuberculosis lesions in the uterus and cervical adhesions (connective tissue adhesions) and scarring on the partial or complete imperforate uterus arise, causing the outflow of blood.

After abortion uterine amenorrhea can be accompanied by hormonal disorders, which frequently depend upon a temporary nature.


A sign of the uterus amenorrhea can be a monthly abdominal pain. Intensity of the discomfort can be various: unpleasant from standing up to really strong paroxysmal. In some cases there are also traces of “acute abdominal area”, with sign of inflammation in the uterus, which are linked to the peritoneum covering.

The existence in the uterine cavity accumulates blood a breeding ground for the cultivation of different germs and the development of swelling endometritis. Participate endometritis accompanied by a sharp increase in temperature, more discomfort and minimized general condition of the female.

Uterine amenorrhea generally accompanied infertility, since even pregnancy takes place, is then interrupted due to the fact that the embryo can establish in the womb.

Diagnosis and treatment

The medical diagnosis is based upon the X-ray, ultrasound and endoscopy. The lack of hormone conditions study validates blood on hormonal agents.

Treatment of uterine amenorrhea operative. Type of surgical treatment depends on the reason for the infraction of the outflow of menstrual blood. If it is totally imperforate hymen, the operation is perforated (a small opening in the hymen). When adhesions in the uterus or the cervical canal is carried out utilizing a hysteroscope dissection. Sometimes, as after the onset of amenorrhea-induced adhesions, in the cervix, it took not than 6 months to different adhesions using probes. If it has been more than 6 months, this technique becomes inadequate. In tuberculous endometritis Policy Pay TB therapy, but in this case, restore the regular endometrium is extremely tough.

Uterine amenorrhea needs timely detection and treatment – only in this case, you can prevent the majority of the problems and the woman to have children in the future.

14 Best Tips And Treatments Against Steenpuist

14 Best Tips And Treatments Against Steenpuist

To have a boil is very frustrating. In spite of all my healthy practices, I even suffered from it when. That is why I wish to do everything I can to avoid it in the future and to assist you never to be troubled by it.

M Morning you do suffer a boil then I give up this article likewise provides details about existing treatments and natural ideas to get rid of it and to prevent a boil

A boil is actually an infection in your skin. Usually a boil begins in a hair roots that ends up being inflamed. As an outcome, they frequently occur on the hairy locations in your body, such as on the face, in the armpits, your neck and your buttocks or groin.

The location around the boil is red and you likewise get a delicate bump, which looks quite like a typical pimple, however it just is not.

If you have several boils together, then there is a more severe infection that is likewise called carbuncle. In that case surgeries are often also taken. If you have a carbuncle in the neck you have to have it dealt with, otherwise it can be deadly since the infection can spread out in the brain.

The cause of a boil.

You may believe that a boil is a pimpled out of control due to excessive secretion of sebum, but the reason for a boil should be sought by bacteria. Normally a boil is the result of staphylococci. That is a bacterium that is contagious and can enter your body through the hair. Also through small damage, such as when you cut yourself during shaving.

A boil is recognizable by red skin around a sort of lump. It can be a centimeter in size. That swelling is difficult and painful. Over time, the lump may become larger as well as softer, but it stays unpleasant.

A serious infection can be recognized by a larger area around the pimple that reddens and inflates. It is likewise very warm. Numerous boils can form together with the first boil, the beginning of a carbuncle. A fever can ultimately develop and your lymph glands may get inflamed.

Constantly go to a medical professional if you have one of these symptoms with a boil!

Even if you have diabetes or take immunosuppressive medication, you ought to always call your medical professional if you have a boil. The possibility that it gets worse is much greater than in individuals who do not take medication or have diabetes.

Boil treatment

You can do a lot at home to deal with a boil yourself. That is why I now go into exactly what you ought to and ought to refrain from doing to get rid of a boil.

Squeezing boils: Do not!

You may believe that you ought to simply squeeze a boil like a normal pimple. Do refrain from doing this! This can really exacerbate the infection. Likewise do not puncture with a needle.

A warm compress: Do it!

A warm compress assists to ease the discomfort of a boil. In doing so, it pulls the pus to the surface through which the pimple can spurt by itself. This usually occurs immediately after 10 days without hot compress, however with the compress you can accelerate this.

The most convenient way to make a warm compress is to damp a towel with warm water and location it on the website of the boil. You replace it again when it has actually cooled down to a kind of lukewarm temperature.

Anti-bacterial soap: Do it!

If the boil starts to lose the pus, it is essential to keep it tidy with anti-bacterial soap or to add alcohol. Just up until the boil is entirely empty and gone. Not all pus comes out simultaneously. That is why you need to repeat this process. In the meantime, after cleaning up with soap and alcohol, you can add betadine and a bandage. Wash the boil two to three times a day.

Prescription antibiotics: Do it!

A doctor can prescribe antibiotics to get rid of the boil. Since a boil consists of germs, this is a logical treatment. In addition, the physician can carry out a leak to inspect which bacteria are involved and whether the right antibiotics are recommended or not.

In an extreme boil he is trained and you still get prescription antibiotics to clean up the last residues.

Pull ointment: Do it!

Pull lotion actually works similar to the heat compress. Note that if the pus lastly comes out you clean the boil appropriately. Apply the pulverized lotion and around the boil and rub it gently.

Pull lotion softens the skin on which it is oiled, making the body simpler to eliminate the pus from the skin. It likewise promotes the blood supply so that more pus is made by the body to remove and isolate the germs.

Consuming garlic: Do it!

Garlic is a natural treatment that works versus germs and swelling. So you can currently start the “antibiotics treat” by consuming raw garlic. When warmed, the dust will vaporize against swellings and germs.

In addition, you can likewise make a sort of pasta from the garlic that you can put on the boil. You use 3 cloves of garlic for this. Which squeezes and mixes with water. Then you can then use it to the boil three times a day. Due to the fact that of the smell it is advisable to do this in your home and not at work.

Prevent boils

The occurrence of a boil is naturally the absolute best so that you do not have all the messing above written. Since the bacteria that cause a boil are contagious, it is necessary to minimize the infectivity.

Wash clothing and bed linen of a relative with a boil thoroughly and without ending up being infected.

To avoid the spread of the germs, it is necessary to clean utilized clothing and utilize bedding. It is essential that you do not end up being contaminated yourself during washing. So do this thoroughly.

Tidy small wounds

Everyone cuts often throughout shaving. Everybody has an uncomfortable minute, which can cause a little injury. To reduce the risk of infection, it is very important to clean the wound and possibly use a patch so that absolutely nothing can get in.

Keep an eye by yourself health

A pajama day at his time is constantly nice, however it remains crucial to keep an eye on your own hygiene. Regular showering, washing your hands after peeing and certainly after a health center see can not hurt.

Stay as healthy as possible

Eventually, your immune system is battling day and night with viruses and bacteria that can trigger a boil, among other things. For the prevention of a boil it is for that reason recommended to live as healthy as possible in order to keep your body immune system strong. This means healthy diet that supports your immune system, such as diet plan abundant in vitamin C. Fruits such as kiwi, mandarin, mango and melon are typically full of vitamin C. Green leafy veggies are also an excellent source of vitamin C.

Minimize your stress

Long-term stress has a bad impact on your body immune system. That is why it is important to de-stress routinely. There are a number of ways to de-stress. Daily meditation can do a lot to reduce your tension level.

If you find it tough to sit still to focus on your breathing, yoga can likewise be a great way to get the very same impacts similar to meditation, and you will likewise end up being even more powerful.


In addition, routine exercise can likewise do a lot to lower your stress and reinforce your body immune system. A walk of half an hour every day can do marvels. Or a few times a week to the health club after which you can dive into the sauna. Constantly rest on your towel.

Prevent skin contact with places where the bacterium can sit

In line with the previous tip. In an Alaskan village there was an outbreak of people who unexpectedly all struggled with boils. Due to the fact that this community was so small, a study was carried out into the contagiousness of boils.

In reality, boils are not infectious, but the germs that trigger them do. If your boil is just broken and the germs remain somewhere where someone else can connect with them, the contagiousness is of course terrific.

This research showed that lots of people from that town who struggled with boils went to a steam bath and sat there in their bare ass. The advice was to rest on your own towel, in order to avoid contact with any germs and therefore not get a boil on the buttocks.

Lower your alcohol consumption

Particularly if you drink more than 2 glasses of alcohol a day. If you frequently drink excessive alcohol, this has a weakening impact on your body immune system, which increases the opportunity of a boil. Drain to 1 glass of alcohol a day and ideally absolutely nothing at all.

Shave yourself with the right resourcessquat shaving

Scheerschuim does not exist for absolutely nothing, it guarantees that your razor blade smoother over your body and less quickly behind your skin will continue to cause a small wound. If you do not have a shaving cream, at least you shave with a foaming soap and water.

Also, blunt blade razors do not assist so replace them in time to avoid injuries.

Lastly …

A boil is extremely annoying. It does not make you any much better, it is painful and if it is (yes!) It is infectious so you have to keep it tidy and you must wash your hands more regularly than normal and wear your clothes after using.

If your boil is really uncomfortable, is not gone within two weeks, or if you get a number of boils, it is necessary to go to a physician for a faster treatment.

Even if you have diabetes and a weakened immune system, for instance due to medication or a disease, it is necessary to go to a doctor if you experience a boil.

You can do a lot yourself to get rid of your boil much faster. For instance, by treating the boil with a warm compress or pull lotion.

To avoid a boil, health and a strong immune system are required. Do not forget to wash yourself on a pajama day and consume and move healthy. De-stressing is also essential to keep your immune system strong.