Tips For Your Daughters Who Are Shaving First Time

Has the time come that our daughter is all set for her first shave? With the aid of these tips, we can offer our daughter with a smooth and safe first shaving experience.

We are astonished when we see how quick time flies when we have children … It nearly looks like the day of the other day when we first taught her the best ways to brush her hair. And now the new phase has actually currently arrived – the hair elimination. As a mother we are concentrated on the security and happiness of our kids no matter the scenario. Teaching our child to shave as securely as possible is the focus of every mom. Here are 5 pointers that permit our child to discover the best ways to shave as securely and smoothly as possible:

We mosey through the procedure: “I keep in mind how great my child prefers to hear stories about my teenage years – and I make sure your child can value it too!” We attempt to speak about our first shaving experience as freely as possible. so that our daughter can gain from this. Our daughter has more sources of info at this time than we might have had as a teen, but the internet is a less individual guide. We need to be client and shave as gradually as possible.

We provide her a razor for females: would we utilize our guy’s razor? No. Guy typically only shave their faces, while ladies have to shave their legs and lower arms – which is a larger surface area for shaving, with more shapes than guys’s faces. In addition, the leg of a woman includes fewer oil-producing glands than the face of a man, that makes the skin drier. It is for that reason important to give our child an individual razor. Gillette Venus, for instance, has numerous functions that are specifically designed for the lady:

Geared up with five blades, similar to the Venus Embrace and the Venus & Olaz. Each knife is able to remain in contact with the skin, even in hard locations such as the ankles and knees.

The shaving cushions include skin conditioner, which maintains the wetness balance throughout shaving. Similar razors are the Ribbon or Wetness, the Venus Embrace or the Venus & Olaz razor.

Gilette Venus contains a specially developed soft grip for more control, even in slippery situations such as in the bath or in the shower.

Avoid dry shaving: dry, flaky skin triggers an uneven surface area, making places less quickly accessible with a razor blade. Regardless of age, every skin needs hydration. The legs can utilize hydration effectively. Shaving creams/ shaving creams such as Gillette’s Satin Care or Venus Shave Gel maintain the wetness level and enable the razor blade to slide smoothly over the skin

We provide her a good example: various body parts require various shaving methods or shaving instructions. By shaving in the ideal direction, most hairs are shaved with the tiniest movements and wounds and cuts can be prevented. The best method to shave the legs is to start at the ankles and work upwards. When our child is prepared to shave her armpits, she can best keep her arm up as far as possible. The skin at the armpits is then tight sufficient to shave. In both cases, it is best to shave versus the hair direction. The most essential recommendations for our children is that they have to take it gradually, because most of the wounds originate from haste.

Seal the deal: the hair removal procedure does not stop at shaving. Hydration is the last step to keep our skin healthy. This extra layer hydrates and secures the skin, making it look healthy, radiant and above all glossy. All daughters love this last part!

Specifically established for dry skin.

Thanks to these tips, our daughter can start shaving separately and with more self-confidence. For the moms this is also a reassurance, our daughter is now supplied with the very best info to be able to shave efficiently and above all – securely!